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Madhur Bahndarkar

Madhur Bahndarkar

Transcript of LIVE CHAT with Director,Madhur Bhndarkar at 16.30 hrs on Tuesday, February 15, 2004 in Mumbai

Madhur Bhandarkar

"If not a filmmaker, I'd have been a (film) journalist because from childhood I've been reading gossip magazines and my knowledge of cinema is very good"
Mogsfd > Hi, how does it feel to be admired by all after receiving brick bats, accusations and facing court cases in your personal life?
Madhur Bhandarkar > Well, I feel great because the support I received from my family, friends, film fraternity and the audience for my movie Page3 ; they have seen the movie twice and thrice.

Clod > What was the reason for making Page3 ?
Madhur Bhandarkar > I used to go to so many parties and met so many (different) people. I saw the entire rainbow of people come under one roof. Therefore, I thought to myself that why not make a film on Page3 (lifestyle. Besides, the tile 'Page3' was in itself very exciting to make the film.

Beja > Do you hold in contempt the elite and high society, that's what shows in your film? Is that why you really made Page3 ?
Madhur Bhandarkar > No, I don't hold (anyone) in contempt because I myself attend parties, and if you see the film it's not a judgmental film.

Sunilmehar > Which are your forth coming movies?
Madhur Bhandarkar > I am just working on script right now . It's too early to talk about it. I am enjoying my success right now!

Kish > Which one is your all time favourite movie?
Madhur Bhandarkar > 'Guide'(Dev Anand).

Tina > You spared the media in your film when actually 'Page3' is their creation. Why? Are you scared of the media and don't want to rub them the wrong way? Or, do you want to appease the media and get them on your side, forever?
Madhur Bhandarkar > No, it's nothing like that. It's the subject of one journalist - Madhavi Sharma – played by Konkana Sen Sharma.

Manie > Apart from Konkona, who do you think could have played the role of a journalist better? Wouldn't Rani have been better?
Madhur Bhandarkar > Initially, I wanted Kareena (Kapoor)to play the role, but her dates wouldn't match. And I wanted to start the movie fast. So I approached Konkona for the role. And the mould of the character was in keeping with Konkona's image in mind. I would love to work with Rani and Kareena in the future.

Jamila > What sort of preparation did you do for Page3 ? Must say that most of your facts even regarding journalist's role and work was very clear and correct.
Madhur Bhandarkar > I met a lot of journalists who gave their inputs in the film. I generally do a lot of research work. And along with my writers I attended a lot of Page 3 parties. Also, I took Konkona for rides in the train (for her to get the feel of the life).
Kish > Tell me the name of flop movie which you always liked, as a director?
Madhur Bhandarkar > Always loved Guru Dutt's Kaagaz Ke Phool .

John > Wouldn't you agree that journos or media are responsible for creating page 3 people? Why did you not show that angle in your film? Don't want to awaken the sleeping lion, is it?
Madhur Bhandarkar > No, it's not like that. As a film maker there are lots of things I wanted to show in the film, but keeping the time in mind I had to cut 15 minutes of the film. One can't show everything in that span of time.

Clod > Generally, what inspires you to make films?
Madhur Bhandarkar > As I don't have any other alternative business, reality and subjects that really come close to my heart when I see something (inspire me).

Front page > Are you a very serious kind of person?
Madhur Bhandarkar > Absolutely not. I am a very humourous person- very happy, go lucky.

Front page > Do you think the movie BLACK can fetch the Oscar (awards) for India?
Madhur Bhandarkar > Definitely, we should try for it. I think, this year, two great movies released - Page 3 and BLACK. We definitely have the potential to bag the Oscar Awards.

Neha > Why did you choose Konkona for the role?
Madhur Bhandarkar > I felt that she has the girl-next-door image. She looks like a girl who travels in the train and autos. And she looks like a (regular) journalist.

Mannie > What is your reaction to the comments that you choose good subjects but your films lack technical excellence like a Subhash Ghai's films. Do you agree with this? If yes, are we going to see better technically made films from you in the future?
Madhur Bhandarkar > The kind of budget I have to follow for my films I can only give attention to the content. However, definitely when I make a big budget film then you will see the (sophisticated) technique and content, together.

Rogi > If not a filmmaker, what would you have been?
Madhur Bhandarkar > If not a filmmaker, I'd have been a film journalist because from childhood I've been reading gossip magazines and my knowledge of cinema is very good. I have seen all the films from 50s to 90s; I was aware of the directors, producers of most films, the actors etc

Sign Off Message > Thanks a lot. I love you all. Please patronise good cinema and encourage and my hopes to retain good cinema. Love, Madhur Bhandarkar.

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