Thursday, March 8, 2007


Selvaraghavan: I'll give One among you 6 tickets for Kadhal Kondein! Get lucky!!

clive: Hello
Selvaraghavan: clive, hello

tusharbhatia: hi
Selvaraghavan: tusharbhatia, hi

Bharathi24: hai
Selvaraghavan: bharathi24, hi

Preethi: hi Director sir!
Selvaraghavan: hi preethi

ravi: A warm welcome to you Mr. Selva
Selvaraghavan: ravi, hi

anu: hi
Selvaraghavan: hi anu

vidsa: hello
Selvaraghavan: hello vidsa

ENGELS: hello Sir, May I know why r u make ur dream couple ever ''running'' from
Selvaraghavan: engels, I prefer to run with my girlfriend.

deva: what is ur favourite country?
Selvaraghavan: deva, India.

priyan: helo sir. how r u?
Selvaraghavan: priyan, I am fine.

hari: hi I am an mbbs graduate. what is ur movie doctors about?
Selvaraghavan: hari, its about how much you people suffer to complete your course.

venki: sir, who is your roleplay?
Selvaraghavan: venki, Oliver Stone.

priyan: how abt ur opinion for kadhal kondaen?
Selvaraghavan: priyan, it was a nice experience.

sumamani: hello
Selvaraghavan: hello sumamani.

hari: what is ur movie with my favourite hero surya about?
Selvaraghavan: hari, it's about gangsters.

Preethi: Hearty welcome sir!
Selvaraghavan: thanks, preethi.

jagan: what's ur educational qualification?
Selvaraghavan: jagan, BE Mechanical.

hari: my favourite music director is Ilayaraja and hence yuvan. how is it working with him?
Selvaraghavan: hari, great

kasirajan: dear selvaragavan you've said that you want to direct mr robert de nero
Selvaraghavan: kasirajan, if I get an opportunity.

jothika: hello sir
Selvaraghavan: hi jothika

rajinirao: which is more difficult - acting, directing or directing your own brother?
Selvaraghavan: rajinirao, directing my brother

Lilly: what is ur next film?
Selvaraghavan: lilly, 7 G Rainbow Colony.

kasirajan: I wish you to direct 'robert de nero'. selva but can I asst you? can I come join you ?
Selvaraghavan: kasirajan, if I get an opportunity, you can come and assist me.

Preethi: how r u thiz evening? sir?
Selvaraghavan: preethi, it's very nice chatting with you people.

jagan: do u think the other directors will reveal the talents of dhanush like u?
Selvaraghavan: jagan, we have to wait and see.

jagan: What is Rainbow Colony all about?
Selvaraghavan: jagan, it's K K Nagar story.

priyan: sir, how will I get from u (get lucky ticket for kadhal kondaen?)
Selvaraghavan: priyan, you'll have to wait till the end of the chat.

Preethi: have u ever dreamt of becoming a film director? sir?
Selvaraghavan: preethi, I was always dreaming about becoming a film director.

Guest49: hi, how to became a movie star?
Selvaraghavan: guest49, it should be your fate.

jagan: When did u feel that it is possible to direct a film by urself and make it successful?
Selvaraghavan: jagan, when I was 14.

jaya: Hearty Welcome Selvaraghavan Sir
Selvaraghavan: jaya, hi and thanks.

hari: is surya antihero?
Selvaraghavan: hari, yes.

Lilly: Being an engineering student, y did u choose this career
Selvaraghavan: lilly, engineering for my parents, film making for myself.

CHITRA: Congratulations to you and to my cousin Arvind for this beautiful film, Kadal kondein, Hi Arvind!
Selvaraghavan: chitra, hi. thanks

ENGELS: Hello Sir .....Your heroine is so cute ....Miss Soniya ....
Selvaraghavan: engels, she'd be glad to hear that.

hari: how is Rainbow Colony shaping out?
Selvaraghavan: hari, great.

jagan: What's the pitch made u as a director ---- is it ur father's inspiration/compulsion or personal interest?
Selvaraghavan: jagan, personal interest.

priyan: u like music.. (which ur favorite music director?)
Selvaraghavan: priyan, yes I like music. no comments about favs.

Lilly: ur house address ??
Selvaraghavan: lilly, I live in chennai.

Raj: vanga Sir vanakkam
Selvaraghavan: raj, vanakkam

Srinivas: Me and my friends enjoyed the Movie (kadhal kondein) But in the second half, little bit of ??????Why it happened?
Selvaraghavan: srinvas, it's always there in every film.

Selvaraghavan: kasirajan, wish you all the best.

CHITRA: Will your team do the Hindi version of this film?
Selvaraghavan: chitra, we will be doing it in January.

nagarajan: for how long u r in this field?
Selvaraghavan: nagarajan, four years.

UTS: First of all, congrats on making a brilliant movie
Selvaraghavan: UTS, thanks.

jaya: Who is ur inspiration of becoming a film director
Selvaraghavan: jaya, bharathiraja.

Preethi: what is LIFE, according to u, other than cine field?
Selvaraghavan: preethi, just live for today and have fun.

nagarajan: one must have luck or influence or capacity to enter into film industry
Selvaraghavan: nagarajan, more than anything, talent.

UTS: how did u decide on your cast and crew?
Selvaraghavan: UTS, we follow our instincts.

Guest76: hi selva, how r u feeling after the success of K.k?
Selvaraghavan: guest76, thanks to you all.

ENGELS: Sir...Is there any chance for us to see a film like.....Pather paanjaali, Bicycle Thieves, Roshamaan........from you?
Selvaraghavan: engels, I'll try my level best.
ENGELS: I think u wishes

UTS: hai arvind
Selvaraghavan: hi

nagarajan: how u have guts to take a film with new faces?
Selvaraghavan: nagarajan, you dont need guts. u need a good screenplay
nagarajan: even though u have a good screenplay, someone like u must take risk to introduce new faces.

hari: Who is the heroine of rainbow colony
Selvaraghavan: hari, the heroine of 'Boys'

nagarajan: I wish that many must come into the film industry to give life to the industry

Guest49: ur hobbies sir?
Selvaraghavan: guest49, watching movies.

Lilly: how did u manage the artists to make them perform as u feel?
Selvaraghavan: lilly, I just follow what I had imagined inside.

guru: hi, mr ragav have u tried for any other heros for the movie 'Kadhal Kondain' or u have satisfied with ur brother?
Selvaraghavan: guru, I am happy with my brother

Guest49: hello sir, kadhal kondhein was xllent but is the story a real based story?
Selvaraghavan: guest49, it's a mixture.

Lilly: what do u say about the demolishing of Seeraniarangam?
Selvaraghavan: lilly, I never liked seeranirangam.

vinod: when is ur nxt movie going to b release?
Selvaraghavan: vinod, December.

Guest: hi selva. Is Rainbow Colony same type of film?
Selvaraghavan: guest, no.

nagarajan: because nowadays film industry is suffering due to high costs due to high wages to actors etc, someone like u must change this trend
Selvaraghavan: nagarjan, thanks. I'll try.

jagan: What's ur ultimate goal?
Selvaraghavan: jagan, to make you people happy with my films.

jaya: Sir, but it seems that ur films are far from Bharathiraja's films
Selvaraghavan: jaya, we're different film makers.

jagan: do u have any dream project with u like kamal's Maruthanayagam?
Selvaraghavan: jagan, everybody has. I have one too.

Guest: is Arvind krishna with you?
Selvaraghavan: guest, yes Arvind is very much here.

Raj: What's your next movie and whom you are going to work with?
Selvaraghavan: raj, Rainbow colony, A M Rathnam

jothika: how do u feel working with own famly members, selva?
Selvaraghavan: jothika, it gives you a lot of freedom.

alaipayuthey: hai, selva its a gr8 moment seeing ur movie
Selvaraghavan: alaipayuthey, thanks.

nagarajan: I wish u to be in the film industry for a long time and give us good films
Selvaraghavan: nagarajan, I will try. thanks again.

UTS: Dhanush is a brilliant actor with tremendous potential
Selvaraghavan: UTS, thanks.

Subash: Dear Mr. Selvaragavan, Hats off for ur first film
Selvaraghavan: Thanks subhash.

guru: do u have any ambtion like doing film for rajini or kamal?
Selvaraghavan: guru, I am happy doing what I am doing now

UTS: The lighting is excellent in the movie so is the music. the secret?????
Selvaraghavan: UTS, it means they are good.

Guest49: arvind are you there. this is chander and family?
Selvaraghavan: guest49, hi this is aravind.

swathi: hi selva, ur role model plzzz.
Selvaraghavan: swathi, my role model is Oliver Stone

ENGELS: Sir....... Wat abt ur stand on LPG other than Cinema?.......(Libaralisation, Privatisation and Globalisation)?
Selvaraghavan: Engels, its a must for our country.

Lilly: r u aiming for Oscar?
Selvaraghavan: lilly, I am dreaming about Oscar

nagarajan: how is the film industry now when compared to previous periods?
Selvaraghavan: nagarajan, doing better.

guru: I think ur brother s a great actor and ur a great director so y dont u try only within u coz u can pitch ur views the society what do u say?
Selvaraghavan: guru, I need to get different experiences

hari: I like yuvan music. please extract much of him
Selvaraghavan: hari, I am already doing it.

nagarajan: do u have any idea to move toTelugu films?
Selvaraghavan: nagarajan, do one good Tamil film and they'll call you.

Guest35: What do say abt the cotribution of music & camera?
Selvaraghavan: guest135, without them movies won't happen.

UTS: how do you decide on the location?
Selvaraghavan: UTS, by searching.

swathi: sir, would u like to do some family subjects?
Selvaraghavan: swathi, I'll try.

Preethi: What kind of probs do u face while making a film, sir?
Selvaraghavan: preethi, every problem in the world.

Guest: any comical films from you?
Selvaraghavan: guest, maybe my next film.

nagarajan: my best wishes for all ur films in the future.
Selvaraghavan: nagarajan, thanks.

jagan: would u like to share about ur dream project with us?
Selvaraghavan: jagan, if I share it with you, it won't be a dream anymore.

hari: hi aravind, ur photography was incredible
Selvaraghavan: thanks, hari.

ENGELS: Hi Arvind .....congrats.....U made us mad ......That fight with dance..........superb
Selvaraghavan: engels, thanks.

shyam: hello sir
Selvaraghavan: hello shyam

guru: raghavan I think some directors will fall in love with their heroines . have u ?
Selvaraghavan: guru, yes.

alaipayuthey: selvargavan ur screenplay is grt but concentrate on technical aspects such as lighting & cinematography.
Selvaraghavan: alaipayuthey, I will

jothika: but won't it be embrassing when ur first film is bit romantic?
Selvaraghavan: jothika, I dont think so.

UTS: Who is the cameraman's role model?
Selvaraghavan: UTS: P C Sreeram

mickey: hi mr raghavan which heroin u like the most?
Selvaraghavan: mickey, Meg Ryan.

nagarajan: how is the film industry in chennai compared to other states?
Selvaraghavan: nagarajan, can be better.

swathi: selva! what do u think about love?
Selvaraghavan: swathi, ask twice and I'll fall in love with you.

Guest85: thanks for the response. Arvind wish you all the best.
Selvaraghavan: guest85, thanks.

UTS: what is your favourite shot in the movie mr arvind?
Selvaraghavan: UTS, the mirror shot.

nagarajan: if u concentrate on good stories, u can get Oscar awards.
Selvaraghavan: nagarajan, we'll do that.

Guest85: this movie, especially the camera gave a feeling of a Hollywood film.
Selvaraghavan: guest85, I love you.

latha: I am latha from chennai
Selvaraghavan: hi, latha.

Lilly: do u have any idea of acting?
Selvaraghavan: lilly, one day.

nagarajan: I wish u to get cinema express etc awards to ur film
Selvaraghavan: nagarajan, I wish Express people are listening.

Guest39: the music was great. rerecording shall win an award for sure
Selvaraghavan: guest39, thanks.

ENGELS: Ohhhhhhh.......Can you accept the MNCs to exploit our nation?.....
Selvaraghavan: engels, you can't avoid them.

UTS: yuvan, arvind and u are a brilliant team
Selvaraghavan: thanks UTS.

jagan: selva, u have proved with ur brother that smart looking is not an essential one for a person to survive in the film industry. But may I know the reason for selecting cute heroiens --- just to compensateaa, is it so?
Selvaraghavan: jagan, I love to see good heroines in my films.

UTS: Mr.arvind what is your favourtite shot and why??
Selvaraghavan: UTS, the one with mirrors cos it was quite difficult shooting it

Guest72: ru doing any oter film with dhanush?
Selvaraghavan: guest72, I am doing two movies with him

nagarajan: how is ur personal life and I wish it to be good also.
Selvaraghavan: nagarajan, I just fought with my girlfriend.

nagarajan: any other field u r interested?
Selvaraghavan: nagarajan, I can't think of anything.

UTS: Next movie are you planning overseas release as well, like Australia and US
Selvaraghavan: UTS, yes.

hari: what is the experimental aspect of doctors?
Selvaraghavan: hari, you wait and see.

nagarajan: do u follow someone as ur admiror?
Selvaraghavan: nagarajan, nobody.

Pandian: When'll we get good cinema from Tamil directors?
Selvaraghavan: pandian, you are already getting.

nagarajan: any other news to ur visitors?
Selvaraghavan: nagarajan, thanks for chatting.

nagarajan: how is ur relationship with press?
Selvaraghavan: nagarajan, very good.

UTS: Overall KK is a clear depiction of excellent team work and dedication
Selvaraghavan: UTS, thanks.

nagarajan: keep friendship with them (the press) as they are also responsible for success of films
Selvaraghavan: nagarajan, that's the secret.

Guest63: hi, all feeling on top of the world at home?
Selvaraghavan: guest63, yes.

nagarajan: tell me something about our chief minister
Selvaraghavan: nagarajan, would love to see her and talk to her.

saran: hai - how r u - tell me about ur family
Selvaraghavan: saran, it's like your family.

rajinirao: working with big stars is easier or new faces is easier?
Selvaraghavan: rajinirao, everything is same.

UTS: I am writing from Australia and I am a big fan of your work
UTS: I saw your first movie too and excellent.
Selvaraghavan: UTS, thanks.

Guest35: how many movies do accept at a time?
Selvaraghavan: guest35, only one.

jagan: Arvind, camera work is excellent in k.k. Its is really difficult to believe that its ur first film ---- selva ur comment abt arvind's contribution.
Selvaraghavan: jagan, he's the best cameraman I could ever work with.

UTS: alright sir good luck to u and mr.arvind
UTS: keep up the good work.
Selvaraghavan: UTS, thanks.

Guest1032: which actor do you like most, among the old timers I mean?
Selvaraghavan: guest1032, Amitabh, Dileep kumar

Guest8: selva we wish u & ur team of yuvan & arvind all the best.
Selvaraghavan: guest8, thank you.

tamil_kirukkan: how did u think to take these kinds of films with adults?
Selvaraghavan: tamil_kirukkan, explain your question.

godcalling: To Arvind Krishna - After Kurudi Punal and KK - anymore acting roles??
Selvaraghavan: godcalling, any good offers I'll take it up.

godcalling: What do u think can be done NEW and DIFFERENT in cinematography??
Selvaraghavan: godcalling, every film is new and different.

godcalling: What do u think of the "CASTING COUCH"? Does it happen? - Just asking as ur a director and had a new heroine?
Selvaraghavan: godcalling, sometimes it happens.

tamil_kirukkan: what is ur next film, whose production
Selvaraghavan: tamil_kirukkan, Rainbow Colony, AM Rathnam

rajinirao: Mr. Selva is there a chance, some day Tamil film will also get International audience's attention?
Selvaraghavan: rajnirao, it's already getting and so many films won international awards.

kluivats: Can we expect an "Art film" from you?
Selvaraghavan: kluivats, yes.

Guest46: hi arvind great lighting. good camera work. lively music.
Selvaraghavan: guest46, thanks.

rajinirao: with young talent like you?
Selvaraghavan: rajnirao, maybe.

Guest10: what made you to come into the cine field?
Selvaraghavan: guest10, passion.

ssm_ooty: do u have any idea to enter into current politics?
Selvaraghavan: ssm_ooty, no way. maybe international politics.

Guest75: all the best to u in ur future projects.bye.
Selvaraghavan: guest75, thank you

tamil_kirukkan29: what is ur next film, whose production?
Selvaraghavan: tamil-kirukkan29, I have already answered that 29 times.

Guest75: who all r there with u right now on this chat
Selvaraghavan: guest75, my cameraman arvind

Guest2: hi
Selvaraghava: hi guest2

Pritty: how can Tamil cinema improve its aspects? What new things do u plan to introduce?? Like the freeze frame in devathai song??
Selvaraghavan: pritty, planning so many things, technically and story-wise. tough to explain

rajinirao: digital cinema - is it going to benefit producers & distris or not yet?
Selvaraghavan: rajnirao, it is.

kluivats: Why is this confrontation between producers and distributors happening?
Selvaraghavan: kluivats, you've to ask them, I am only a film maker.

NILA: hi sir! howz life?
Selvaraghavan: nila, as bright as you.

guru: hello selvaragavan
Selvaraghavan: guru, hello.

kluivats: If your film gets stuck in their tuzzle will you remain mute?
Selvaraghavan: kluivats, still I cant do anything it's for them to sort out.

ajay93: hi
Selvaraghavan: hi, ajay93

purushothaman: why u choose the kadal konden story to make it a flim?
Selvaraghavan: purushothaman, why can't I?

sridhar: hi selva congratulations on the movies success - i saw ur shooting in breeze hotel, but hw come the scenes were cut?
Selvaraghavan: sridhar, I felt it wasn't necessary.
Selvaraghavan: the breeze carried it away, sridhar

villain: ennappa chat mudinchudutha???
Selvaraghavan: villain, illai.

purushothaman: r u try current heros like vijay, ajith for ur following flims?
Selvaraghavan: purushothaman, if they are available.

BALA: hello
Selvaraghavan: hello bala

godcalling: Why do u wear glasses?
Selvaraghavan: godcalling, I feel good wearing them.

mub: hi mr. selvaraghavan. do u follow any well known style of script writing?
Selvaraghavan: mub, I follow my own style.

sundar: do you feel your goal is acheived?
Selvaraghavan: sundar, 0.5 per cent.

kluivats: Which is your fav. English movie and director?
Selvaraghavan: kluivats, there are a lot of films, fav director is F F Coppola

ram: can I know about Mr. selva?
Selvaraghavan: ram, you can know about me in my films.

sundar: do you have plan to help who are in orphanages?
Selvaraghavan: Yes.

sundar: your unforgatable person met in your life time still now
Selvaraghavan: sundar, still to meet one.

sundar: you have any guru in your life?
Selvaraghavan: sundar, Mani Ratnam

sridhar: ok why did u make the bad guy -dhanush lose the girl - why shud the good win- dhanush could have got the girl. in life good guys always finish last.
Selvaraghavan: sridhar, you wouldnt be asking the question if it was like that

sundar: in your busy schedule whom you like to spend time your wife or your mom?
Selvaraghavan: sundar, I prefer to be alone.

kluivats: Fav. Indian film and Bollywood director?
Selvaraghavan: kluivats, pathinaru vayathinalae
Selvaraghavan: Yash Chopra, kluivats

Guest: Are you married?
Selvaraghavan: guest, no I am not.
Selvaraghavan: looking for one, guest.

killerkishore87: when did u thought of directing a movie Mr selvaraghavan
Selvaraghavan: killerkishore87, when i was 14.

kluivats: When is your birthday? How old are u?
Selvaraghavan: kluivats, 5-6-1976

Karan: hai selva
Selvaraghavan: hai karan.

kluivats: How about directing "chappaani" and "parattai"?
Selvaraghavan: kluivats, won't miss a chance.

Karan: congrats for ur achievement.
Selvaraghavan: karan, thanks.

anon: do you like "The Good Son" a lot? or you just found the ending apt?
Selvaraghavan: anon, i didn't like the good son. and I wrote the screeplay before seeing Good Son. sorry about similar endings.

killerkishore87: u have done a great job behind the screen for the movie kadal kondein, raghavan
Selvaraghavan: killerkishore87, thanks.

killerkishore87: what is ur future plans Mr raghavan?
Selvaraghavan: killerkishore87, to make movies.

killerkishore87: are u married or have u been in love ????
Selvaraghavan: killerkishore87, i'm in love.
kluivats: oh? whom? can u let us know?
Selvaraghavan: kluivats, no no no.

Jagan: Do u have any idea of acting in any films in future?
Selvaraghavan: jagan, no.

anon: when is your next movie with Dhanush?
Selvaraghavan: anon, December.

Selvaraghavan: hi senthil.

rajinirao: Arvind, u have acted in Kurudhip punal, will yougive up camera work for acting?
Selvaraghavan: rajnirao, I like being behind the camera.

vanaja: hi, is yuvan also there with u?
Selvaraghavan: vanaja, no
Selvaraghavan: I just punched him on his nose, I won't be seeing him for a couple of days, vanaja.

sundar: In Kathal Kondan movie your hero is Danush I am not able to understand wether is feeling is right or wrong he is been affected in his small age but after that he had got a good care taker (father character) But after he saw the heroin he changes is style but he started likeing that girl too in that stage what you want to convey
Selvaraghavan: sundar, I just want to convey someone's emotions. we don't behave the same all the time.

shahjahan: performance of dhanush?
Selvaraghavan: shahjahan, good.

sundar: Do you felt that you have chosen the right hero for your picture even though he is your brother you have thought we should have done with some one
Selvaraghavan: sundar, he is the best and he did justice to the role.

sarak: hai
Selvaraghavan: hai sarak

satyanara: hi to selava
Selvaraghavan: hi satyanara

nan: how r u
Selvaraghavan: nan, feeling great answereing your questions.

vanaja34: how did u feel after the comments abt thulluvadho?
Selvaraghavan: vanaja34, I felt good.
Selvaraghavan: good films come with such comments.its part of the package, vanaja34

anon: are u planning to remake any English movie? or are u going to stick with original scripts?
Selvaraghavan: anon, i'll stick to original scripts.
Selvaraghavan: and why do Ii have to remake an English movie, anon?

vanaja34: did'nt those comments put u off. being called a soft porn film?
Selvaraghavan: vanaja34, did you see the film? what is porn about?

subash: what is ur new film?
Selvaraghavan: subash, Rainbow colony

oviam: which impressed you to get invloved in these kind of films?
Selvaraghavan: oviam, I love to just make my own scripts.

subash: how many colours in it?
Selvaraghavan: subash, more than seven.

anon: because there are several good English movies. And it would surely be a challenge for a director to make it into a Tamil movie.
anon: like Maniratnam did for "A Walk in the Park"
Selvaraghavan: anon, sorry, I dont believe in copying.

vanaja34: any plans of making a complete romantic movie? I saw I liked it but general reaction was that.
Selvaraghavan: vanaja34, Rainbow Colony is a romantic movie

Guest16: I am a toughie who wants to play tough guy roles, will you give me a chance?
Selvaraghavan: guest16, when I have a script like that.

bd: Hello, Mr Selva, loved your movie...
Selvaraghavan: bd, hello and thanks

vanaja34: how r ur parents feeling. top of the world? i liked ur fathers writing in kumudam
Selvaraghavan: vanaja34, right now parents are happy.

subash: i am just hearing to ur song
Selvaraghavan: subash, keep listening all your life.

sibi: hello selva huv r u?
Selvaraghavan: sibi, hello

bd: Mr Selva, would just like to ask this...where was the hope in your movie ? There needs to be some hope for humankind to carry on ...even though your movie had a fantastic climax, where was the hope?
Selvaraghavan: bd, it's not necessary to give hope in every film.movies are different.

shahjahan84: explain about dhanush performance
Selvaraghavan: shahjahan84, it's good

vanaja34: i'm sure u will always keep them happy.
Selvaraghavan: vanaja34, let's see. after I tell them about my girl friend.

anon: are u going to stick to making your own kind of movies? or are u going to make these wierd formula tamil movies? will really apreciate if you stick to your own time.
Selvaraghavan: anon, I'll stick to my own kind of movies

vanaja34: what r u as a person?
Selvaraghavan: vanaja34, I'm genuine and honest.

prakash: what do u think of your cameraman, arvind?
Selvaraghavan: prakash, he's very good, he's one among the best today.

kliv: Do u have any plan to cast Arvind in front of the camera?
Selvaraghavan: kliv, if he is willing.

shahjahan84: have any idea of making a action film?
Selvaraghavan: shahjahan84, in the immediate future.

kliv: how many movies per year?
Selvaraghavan: kliv, one.

prakash: tell about uour experiance with him
Selvaraghavan: prakash, he's a very nice person, very good cameraman.

subash: then what is ur next plan?
Selvaraghavan: subash, making movies.

kliv: in what way your celeb status affect your personal life (like being mobbed at shopping centres etc)?
Selvaraghavan: kliv, since I am behind the camera nobody recognises me and I'm happy

subash: any plan of getting married?
Selvaraghavan: subash, thinking about it.

bd: your actors delivered a sterling performance, though young... did you spend alot of time training them?
Selvaraghavan: bd, yes I do.

subash: can u send me ur photo
Selvaraghavan: subash, I won't look that good.

cheyaan: hi
Selvaraghavan: cheyaan, hi

harie: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaai
Selvaraghavan: harie, hi to you too

Vijay: How r u
Selvaraghavan: vijay, I am fine.

shahjahan84: we want u in front of the camera

sanny: selva sir, tell me who's your favourite director, let me see it coincides me or not.
Selvaraghavan: sanny, Francis Ford Coppola.
sanny: sorry sir you don't. mine is mani ratnam.

prakash: do u have plans to work some more movies with arvind?
Selvaraghavan: prakash, he's too busy to work with me. tell him to give me an opportunity

Vijay: planning to do films in other languages?
Selvaraghavan: vijay, I'm doing one Telugu and one Hindi film.

balki: hello
Selvaraghavan: hello balki

Guest: what is ur aim in ur life Selva sir!
Selvaraghavan: guest, just live my life to the fullest.

bd: they were very natural and the scenes though simple in some way, were very were you able to depict such every day nuances into something so poignant ?
Selvaraghavan: bd, I love to relate my movies to day-to-day happenings.

BHUVAN: hello
Selvaraghavan: hello bhuvan

balaji: How is ur brother Dhanush, ur father and u?
Selvaraghavan: balaji, everybody is good.

kissu: hi
Selvaraghavan: hi kissu

sun: hello selva sir, hru, I like ur movie
Selvaraghavan: sun, hi and thank you

Vijay: Who r the hero's in Telugu and Hindi film?
Selvaraghavan: vijay, ravi krishna in telugu and vivek ovberoi in hindi

vanaja34: i wsh u all the best once again.bye.
Selvaraghavan: bye vanaja take care

sankar_salem: hai
Selvaraghavan: sankar_salem, hi

prakash: how did u get to arvind?...His camera work was simpy superb.
Selvaraghavan: prakash, I was lucky.

kliv: why not dhanush in other languages too?
Selvaraghavan: kliv, in the future

real: hi
Selvaraghavan: hi, real.

Malemodel68: hai
Selvaraghavan: hai, malemodel68

sun: your fav. music dir?
Selvaraghavan: sun, A R Rahman

Vijay: how many languages do u know?
Selvaraghavan: vijay, three. Tamil, Telugu and English.

Guest16: while directing your brother in love scenes, how u will express your idea to him
Selvaraghavan: guest16, through words.

bd: Well, all the best for your future work, hope we will see some happy endings to take the weight off the chest...take care and bye Mr Selva...
Selvaraghavan: bd, take care.

anon: you said only one movie per year; but your forthcoming list seems slightly longer than that
Selvaraghavan: anon, I have commitments but will do one at a time.

sanny: sir, which is the film u luv the most, thuluvatho illamai or kadal kondain, please choose any one.
Selvaraghavan: sanny, thulluvatho ilamai.

balaji: I am from madurai. have u visited madurai?
Selvaraghavan: balaji, so many times.

sun: when u work with ARR?
Selvaraghavan: sun, when he has time for me.

Guest10: do u act with the heroine and tell or only through words?
Selvaraghavan: guest10, if it's a heroine I prefer acting.

raghav: I heard that ur going to direct movie abt medicos
Selvaraghavan: raghav, yes.

prakash: apart from camera and music, what do u think are plus point in making this movie a successful one?
Selvaraghavan: prakash, audience taste.

Srikanth: hello mr. selva, i'm from Malaysia. a very good evening to u.
Selvaraghavan: srikanth, a very good evening to you too.

kliv: in case of heros?
Selvaraghavan: kliv, depends on how they smell!!!

Srikanth: sir, do u have plans of getting new faces from malaysia ...we have lots of talents here
Selvaraghavan: srikanth, send me the ticket. i'll come and have a look
Srikanth: sir, hahaha thats a good smiling here.

raghav: w abt ur next subject?
Selvaraghavan: raghav, its about your experiences when you were 17.

balaji: In that devathaiyai kandaen song everything comes to halt except dhanush. How was it taken. I liked it.
Selvaraghavan: balaji, I am happy you liked it. it was a very simple technique used

anon: is it possible to implement "bullet time" with the technology available here?
Selvaraghavan: anon, no it has to be borrowed.

raghav: i am from tirupur

Vijay: Any idea of working with actor Vijay or Rajinikanth?
Selvaraghavan: vijay, if they ask me.

Guest: have u gone to theatres to c the result of your move. did anyone recognise you there
Selvaraghavan: guest, i was there at the theatres for 10 days. unfortunatley no one spotted me

prakash: do u think this movie is more successful than "thulluvatho illamai"?
Selvaraghavan: prakash, yes.

sun: now u r a good dir. in future it will change to best Dir.
Selvaraghavan: sun, thank you.

raghav: selva how do u rate kamal and vikram
Selvaraghavan: raghav, you've put the numbers right.

sun: your role model of your life & dir?
Selvaraghavan: sun, my father is my role model in life. movies, nobody

raghav: y u prefer new faces?
Selvaraghavan: raghav, they prefer me.

balaji: what was that simple technique?
Selvaraghavan: balaji, come and see me. I'll show you.

Guest84: I want to c u, where, I can meet you?
Selvaraghavan: guest84, welcome.

raghav: r u confident to direct kamal?
Selvaraghavan: raghav, ready all the time.

Srikanth: sir, does good looks is main key factor for a new comer or how they`ll be evaluated for their talents..pls comment
Selvaraghavan: srikanth, you need talent more than looks.

Frank: Hai selva how r u?
Selvaraghavan: how are u, frank?

kliv: what was ur role in KP - Arvind?

Guest: How many pictures have you directed?
Selvaraghavan: guest, two

balaji: Why don't u take village based films
Selvaraghavan: balaji, I'll do it in the future.

prakash: what is your next film with arvind?
Selvaraghavan: prakash, Rainbow Colony

Srikanth: sir, I have this burning desire in me to be an shall i meet my goal
Selvaraghavan: srikanth, keep trying.

sun: any plan for acting?
Selvaraghavan: sun, no

raghav: selve shall I come to chennai to c u
Selvaraghavan: raghav, I wont be in chennai for the next four months.

raghav: ur mail id plz
Selvaraghavan: raghav,

balaji: Where to meet u?
Selvaraghavan: balaji, in my office

Frank: selva do you remember me? i'am ur RKM school class mate.
Selvaraghavan: frank, give me more details.

Vijay: other than movies what do u do?
Selvaraghavan: vijay, I prefer to be selva.

raghav: BYE SELV
raghav: GOD BLESS U
raghav: thank u

sridhar4: why should all movies be only about love and difeerent forms of it, why cant u make a movie about ambition or , jealousy or pure anger at the society.cant the people release their frustrations thro the movie
Selvaraghavan: sridhar4, do you lead your life without love or pain? love is a part of life.

balaji: Ok . Thank u. I Pray god for ur welfare. bye
raghav: mail me

Chiyaan: will u direct a film with me
Selvaraghavan: chiyaan, if you meet my standards

balaji: Ok bye see u
Selvaraghavan: balaji, bye take cre

Kadhalmannan: Selvaragavan hai
Selvaraghavan: hi kadhal

prakash: when is rainbow colony releasing? we are eagerly waiting for it..
Selvaraghavan: prakash, december.

sun: r u single or married?
Selvaraghavan: sun, I am single.

Frank: I am short and black coming from kodambakkam by 12B bus and close friend of Mohan Raj -break dancer.
Selvaraghavan: frank, I am very absent minded, sorry I don't remember.

Chiyaan: what standards ?
Selvaraghavan: chiyaan, meet me and I'll tell you.

Srikanth: sir, I have a real exp in my life abt an internet affair and how it turns out later....would u like trying these subjects ...well ofcourse we have had b 4 some of internet love affair subjects but i think this is a bit different instead of gals being cheated a guy is been victimized..enna sir eppadi irukkum intha subject ?
Selvaraghavan: srikanth, romba nalla irukku. I hope its not your true story
Srikanth: iyooo nijam sir...haha...

nagarajan: when can I know the winner?
Selvaraghavan: nagarajan, at the end of the chat.

santhiya: when u r going to get married?
Selvaraghavan: santhiya, when I feel like.

Chiyaan: Today heros r getting more hit than directors Am I right ?
Selvaraghavan: chiyaan, by the people or the press?
Chiyaan: both

sun: ok bye sir. now my office time is finished
Selvaraghavan: sun, ok. take care

Brother_For_U: Good Evening Mr. Selva, is ur Real Name "Selvaraghavan" or something else
Selvaraghavan: Brother_for_u, its my real name.

Kadhalmannan: Selva Thulluvatho ilamai mathiri ethirparthuttu vanthom aana Kadhal konden antha alavukku glamour illaye yen???????
Selvaraghavan: kadhalmannan, every film is different.

nagarajan: what do you think of today's cinema when compared to previous era
Selvaraghavan: nagarajan, today's cinema is at its best.

Srikanth: I feel real good today ...its my first exp with a celebrity ....
Selvaraghavan: srikanth, it's my best experience too.

Chiyaan: selva sir after kaadhalar dinam film no film used an internet song famous will u direct and make a internet song hit?
Selvaraghavan: chiyaan, will do when I feel like it.

nagarajan: why nowadays many films become failure?
Selvaraghavan: nagarajan, stop seeing it on VCD, come to the theatre.

Brother_For_U: Mr Selva, u can call me "Brother" what was ur aim when u were in school days, what was ur aim when u were in college days?
Selvaraghavan: brother, to pass in mathematics.
Selvaraghavan: both in school and college, brother

nagarajan: is it because of bad story or pirated cds?

Srikanth: most welcome sir....

Kadhalmannan: i think yuvan is a fisrt hero for ur kadhalkonden movie I am right.
Selvaraghavan: kadhalmannan, no way.

Frank: ok no problem. Ur latest flim kadal kondain is very tremendous and classic. I enjoyed it very well.
Selvaraghavan: frank, thank you

Chiyaan: ok selva sir, I am sashi and I work in a netcafe
Selvaraghavan: chiyaan, good to know you.

nagarajan: r u happy with the present environment of the cinema field
Selvaraghavan: nagarajan, I don't get involved in industry

Srikanth: sir...kai valikaliya ungallukku...konjam rest eduthungga sir...paavam neenga
Selvaraghavan: srikanth, thanks.

nagarajan: I never see films in cds
nagarajan: yesterday also I went to theatre only with my family
Selvaraghavan: nagarajan, hats off to you.

Chiyaan: If u shoot any pic with internet please give me a chance to show my face
Selvaraghavan: chiyaan, will do that.

Frank: I am very happy when i saw ur photo in HINDU and also proud of it
Selvaraghavan: thank you frank.

Brother_For_U: how did u got diverted to film Mr.Selva ?
Selvaraghavan: brother, it was my first choice from the beginning.

Kadhalmannan: dhanush is a extrodinary performance but song is very very nice u know
Selvaraghavan: kadhalmannan, thank you.

PREETHI: hi again sir!
Selvaraghavan: hi again, preethi.

Frank: i will send my photo to ur email ID pls. tell whether this is correct ID -
Selvaraghavan: frank, yes it is
Kadhalmannan: haha frank is trying o get in cinema industry

anu: wat made u to take such a film?
Selvaraghavan: anu, I felt like making it.

Srikanth: sir, future le may be ungakitta varalaam chance kettu ...athukku konjam ice vaikren ...haha
Selvaraghavan: srikanth, innum koncham ice vainga.

nagarajan: well thank you for chatting with me
nagarajan: I am chatting with you from 4.30 onwards
Selvaraghavan: nagarajan, thank you.

ramas: hi
Selvaraghavan: hi ramas

prakash: How about danush? his acting was simply beautiful in kadal kondain..what do u say about it?

nagarajan: whether the Tamil film industry is going upwards or downwards
Selvaraghavan: nagarajan, surely upwards

vaalpaiyan: hi all
Selvaraghavan: hi vaal

Srikanth: hahaha...sir ippadi casual ah pesarathu ki romba thanks ..we feel like u r one among us..thanks again
Selvaraghavan: srikanth, ippa kulurithu, ice romba vechitteenga

nagarajan: why some songs only are hitting out of many?
Selvaraghavan: nagarajan, based on quality.

Frank: selva I want to talk to you in person. can I have ur contact number ? If you wish pls. send to my ID
Selvaraghavan: frank, will do that.

Selvaraghavan: thanks everybody, it was great chatting with all of you. I'll let you know the winners of the competition for the best question in a day or two.
Selvaraghavan: Keep watching chennaionline for the results. bye
Thank you all for participating and making this chat session a great success just like Selvaraghavan's movies.

Published on 12th Aug. 2003

Profile of Selvaraghavan

Selvaraghavan, who launched straight into direction after doing his BE in Mechanical Engineering, relies on the Net and books for his story ideas. He loves doing horror films and admits that he likes to scare people.

His favourite directors are Oliver Stone and Francis Ford Coppola and the hero he'd like to direct is none other than Robert de Nero. He loves reading, mostly Wilbur Smith. He considers his strength lies in writing a good screenplay.

The best compliments he has received are from the Press and from Bharatiraja who said of 'Kaadhal Konden' that "After Nayagan, it's the best film I've seen".

And on brother Dhanush's strong points, he says it's his boy-next-door looks. But that is his weakness too, Selvaraghavan says.

Of his family, Selvaraghavan says they are very orthodox. His two sisters are both doctors.

His favourite food is Chinese too. He has not travelled much, but says he would love to go to Venice.

His future projects include 'Rainbow Colony' for producer A M Rathnam, a film for Lakshmi Movie Makers and one for producer Dorairaj.

On directing his brother, Selvaraghavan says the relationship is just that between a director and an artiste.

published on 7th Aug. 2003

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